Lyme Disease, Kundalini and the Near Death Experience

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Many people who have Lyme disease have experienced a condition that is part seizure, part convulsions.  Some describe a feeling of electrical shock and flashing lights or the sensation of a gunshot going off inside the skull. When taken to the emergency room, there is often "nothing" found wrong.  While this experience might seem completely dreadful (and it is), I can't think of anything more powerful than the sensation of electrocution to bring us closer to God.  That is why I love to tell people Lyme disease was the best thing that ever happened to me. The severe pain that accompanied Lyme disease completely and totally woke me up to my life.  I have never been the same. 

In my work with Lyme disease clients, this particular symptom seems to bring about an experience similar to a near death experience (NDE).   Let's take a look at some of the common language and experiences of those with (NDE): 

According to the International Association of Near Death Studies (IANDS) these are the common and reoccurring psychological changes of those post NDE:

  • Loss of the fear of death
  • Describe themselves as more spiritual and not religious
  • Increased abstract thinking
  • Tend to bouts of depression
  • Increased generosity
  • Unresolved childhood trauma resurfaces
  • Convinced of life purpose
  • Heightened sense of taste, touch, smell
  • Less detached
  • Reported increased intuition and psychic abilities

For all practical purposes I can stop the article here and just state that NDEs sound word for word like what has been experienced by those who have had a spiritual awakening due to Lyme. This was also very much my experience. 

Now, let's take a look at another shared experience from a different population - Yogis and the Kundalini Awakening. Here is what a Kundalini awakening looks like when it's happening: 

  • Involuntary jerks and tremors
  • Energy rushes and feelings of electrical shock
  • Surfacing of repressed emotions
  • Headache, migraine and pressure in the skull
  • Emotional numbness and depression
  • Pain in back and neck
  • Sensitivity to light, sound and touch
  • Feelings of blissful love and connection to all things

Any of these sound familiar?

As humans we really have a need to find patterns in things. I am also a therapist and have an even greater need to find patterns in words and gestures.  Lots of things can cause trembling and seizures, but from the stories of my clients and my personal experience, the seizures that came from Lyme were more than a physical jolt.  They were a shift in consciousness.  

Another writer who shares her experience with Lyme as a spiritual awakening is Lyme coach Jenny Rush.  Her book, Chronic Illness as an Access to Quantum Healing describes her own process of awakening. Through personal narrative, Jenny describes the spontaneous changes that come from having Lyme disease and chronic illness as well as those that came gradually as she continued to heal. Jenny eloquently reiterates the theme of turning toward pain, sitting with our own experience and gently letting go of all the things that continue to hold us back from a peaceful life. 

Not everyone has to experience a medical trauma to feel more connected to others or feel a deep sense of life purpose.  If we are open, our lives can be full of both spontaneous growth and the change that comes from being persistent.  When have you experienced moments of spontaneous growth in your life?  

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