Three Tips To Finding Your Dream Job

Categories: Anxiety, Depression

 By Kacie Mitterando, LMSW

(opinion article)

How often have we heard the phrase, “Find something you love to do and you will never work a day in your life?” For many of us, it’s a phrase that has been drilled into us - being reiterated over and over again by parents, friends, and employers. This phrase has seemed to put us on this never ending path of searching for what we love. It has instilled in us that if we don’t find this, the alternative is to work a job that we hate every single day and well, who wants to do that? How do we search for our passion when student loans exist? We don’t have the capability of jumping from job to job or education to education because quite frankly, its unrealistic, impractical and well, takes up too much time! While this phrase may have been intended to give us motivation to pursue our dreams and never give up on our future, it is reasonably possible that it has become a phrase eliciting pressure and anxiety in many of us, especially those of us in our 20’s.

Finding your dream job can seem like an impossible task. After spending years in a classroom, hours studying and pulling all nighters, we want to feel that there is a reward at the end of the hard work put into our career path. So, how do we actually find our dream job? And how do we calm the anxiety that comes along with this journey?

Be Confident In Who You Are

You have just spent years working tirelessly towards your goals! And while “good things come to those who wait,” good things definitely come to those who work hard. Be confident in the work that you have done and know that if you continue to do the good you are doing, you will continue to be rewarded.

Embrace The Fear of Failure

Is it possible that failure can be a good thing and we should embrace this fear, rather than run from it? Maybe we have been taught wrong all of these years. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that failing is OK. Failing is often a great time to learn and grow from your experiences. If the fear of failing and not finding a job is creating stress and anxiety, practice embracing this concept.

Tap Into Your Values and Beliefs

Put extra focus and attention into what your belief system is. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? If so, find faith in trusting the process and knowing that what is meant for you will eventually come. Do you believe in destiny? If you do, then you know that your purpose is consistently seeking to be fulfilled and discovered. Therefore, hold strong in obtaining this discovery. Do you believe that we have control over the events in our lives? If this is the case then continue your job search efforts and hard work! Overall, figure out what it is that you believe is meant for you, and push forward with this system.

If the fear and anxiety of finding employment upon graduating is dragging you down, hold strong in who you are, remember that failure is OK and tap into your belief systems. In the interim, don’t forget to de-stress by enjoying time with friends and family and embracing the simple parts of life that are meaningful to you.