How to Apply "Done Is Better Than Perfect" to Accomplish More

As innovators, creators and people who generally want thigns to be perfect, sometimes we struggle with following through. The idea that details are important not only makes us great, but it can be the real barrier to fulfiilling our dreams. Sometimes we don’t even know what those dreams are.

Social media screams that we need to find our passion first and once that happens we will magically be able to watch projects and dreams just fall into place.

There’s just one problem.

Most times, some effort is required in finding our passion. It requires that we have failed at a bunch of things. This sets up a really bad, procrastination loop where our brains tell us “Nope you aren’t sending that out looking like that?, What will people think of you when you fail?”

One slightly easier way to find passion (which is just an emotion) is to practice conjuring the feeling of passion NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE DOING. You might be asking, how the heck do I do that?

Enter stage left, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) mind tricks for increasing passion no matter what.

  1. Ask a passion-centered question.

    Passion centered questions can be asked in any situation. Say you are in a job you hate, doing a project you hate. When you sit down to do an aspect of that project, ask yourself “What is the one thing that is pleasurable about what I am doing?” Don’t just settle for your brain’s first answer of nothing. Dig deep. Expect an answer to this question, then just hone in on the one teeny tiny feel good thing about your experience.

  2. Verbalize a postiive emotions (better known as fake it til you make it.

    When you find yourself engaged in something less than thrilling, verbalize something like. “Well this is exciting!” or “Wow this is fun.” At first this can feel sarcastic and absurd (which is better thn feeling depressed) but over time the thing can actually induce the feeling you are verbalizing. *Love this one.

  3. Take bigger breaths

    Tuning into the breath during mundane or annoying tasks gives the body an indication you are slightly more comfortable. It also primes you to be closer to a state of flow. Being in flow is right in line with feeling more passion in your life.

Using these tricks can start to shift from obsessive perfectionism to a sense of satisfaction. Satisfaction is the key to being able to feel like we can safely set our ideas free into the world.

The world needs your ideas in all stages of perfection and imperfection.

It isn’t about waiting for the right moment. There is no right moment. There are challenges we can sign up for and emotions we can experience. - Seth Godin

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