Want to Thrive in Your Therapy & Yoga Practice? 

Welcome to Your Thriving Yoga Therapy Practice (TM)! 

This course is designed to help you build the foundation and skills needed to have a thriving therapy practice. Do you have a thriving therapy practice, went to yoga school and want to fully incorporate yoga therapy into your offerings? Maybe you love yoga and are considering the benefit of yoga school but aren't sure how it will benefit your current business model? Then you are in the right place! This structured 6 week course will give you the business and practice skills needed to transition into the thriving yoga therapy practice of your dreams. 

This is course can be adapted to any level of practice owner and will support you through your biggest pain points.  Specific yoga-therapy skills and information are included as well as world class business development is included so that you can apply what you learn to your already existing or upcoming career.

Each module will give you:

  • Weekly pre-recorded educational segments from top leaders in the yoga & therapy space. These weekly lectures will include answers to some of your most pressing questions from clinical applications of yoga philiosophy to setting prices and building a brand. 
  • Weekly "take action" recordings and PDFs to guide you every step of the way.

Curriculum Overview


Part I: Integrating Yoga Into Your Clinical Practice

Week 1

Defining Your PRactice: Yoga-Therapy Versus Yoga and Therapy

Are you unclear whether or not you want to combine the physical practice of yoga in your traditional private practice model? Are you confused about whether or not to keep these separate or develop services that incoroporate both? 

In week one we will begin to explore and develop your unique model of working as a yoga-therapy practitioner.  This week will include interviews from thriving practice owners who have developed the business that works for their goals and lifestyles. 

Weeks 2 & 3

Clinical Application of Yoga Philosophy


  • Review of history of yoga and yoga philosophy.
  • Applications of Ayurvedic philosophy in psychotherapy
  • Best practices for anxiety and depression.
  • Spirituality in Clinical Practice



Part II: Sharing Your Practice With the World

Week 4

Branding Your Yoga Therapy Practice

This week we will focus on making your yoga therapy stand out and make a solid statement in your niche. 

  • Learn to clearly develop your point of view and express it clearly to your audience. 
  • Learn the top 3 strategies to audience engagement
  • Develop your social media voice to clearly communicate your skills
  • Learn the tools to be consistent in sharing your brand. 

Week 5

Your Effortless Marketing Plan


Week 6

Taking Bold Action