Therapy Intensive For Siblings

Experience healing through our Family Retreat Intensive in NYC

Work with a trauma-focused LCSW . 11 hours of focused, intensive therapy designed to meet your relational goals.

  • Designed to help families in deep distress who need immediate attention to resolve conflict and improve the quality of relationships.

  • A personalized, intensive experience to help siblings gain immediate traction and to be followed up with weeks to months later for ongoing support.

  • An intensive therapeutic experience to begin addressing a multitude of pressing issues including: trauma, loss, illness, addictions and past history of abuse.

  • Siblings receive treatment that is typically done over months, but in a few days.

  • Designed to help families in distress or families who are seeking different ways of relating to each other.

  • Family members can learn their patterns within a relationship that pull them toward isolation and cultivate new patterns that foster safety, trust, and communication.


Is an Intensive Family Therapy Retreat for You?

Family Intensives are designed for those:

  • Seeking to rebuild and reconnect with their family members in a new way.

  • In crisis for which weekly therapy is not enough.

  • Recovering from trauma.

  • Experiencing significant distress in their interactions.

  • Wanting change sooner rather than later.

  • Not able to attend traditional weekly therapy together.

  • Families who would like more privacy and customized care while working on their relationships.

  • Desperate for some type of change

Sample Format

An intensive counseling weekend is 11 hours of personalized therapy with one or two trauma focused therapist (LCSW):

A pre phone screening will be conducted on all family members as well as written intake paperwork. This weekend also includes 1 hour follow up in 1 month as well as in 6 months. An aftercare plan will be provided with recommendations post weekend.

Day 1 – total 5.5 (Saturday)

  • Initial Family Session – 90 min.

  • 30 min. break

  • Individual Session – 60 min.

  • Individual Session – 60 min.

  • Afternoon Break – (lunch) 1.5 hours

  • Evening Family Session – 120 min. (2 hours)

  • (This can be adjusted base don number of family members)

Day 2 – 5.5 hours therapy contact (Sunday)

  • Early Morning Family Session – 90 min.

  • 30 min. break

  • Mid-Morning Family Session – 120 min. (2 hours)

  • Afternoon Break (lunch) 1.5 hours

  • Evening Family Session – 120 min. (2 hours)

  • Additional therapy hours may be added to this schedule upon request. Additional hours will reflect current hourly rate for therapy and be added to the existing retreat expense.

Investment - Final price and schedule is individualized and based on assessment of need.

You also have the option of adding on additional services including acupuncture, massage and other body healing modalities throughout the weekend. Light breakfast and lunch will be provided. Alternatively I can assist you in finding local lunch options as well.


NOTE - Family Therapy is not appropriate for:

  • Families actively engaged in domestic violence and abuse, actively engaged in substance abuse/dependence, engaged in an ongoing affair.