Relationship Counseling


Are you struggling in your relationship or Marriage?

  • Have you and your spouse been fighting more since you've been married?
  • Are you missing attention, affection or closeness.
  • Have you stopped communicating?
  • Do you find yourself wishing for how things used to be or fantasizing about affairs?

Feeling emotionally distant or disconnected from our partner can be painful and isolating. Maybe your relationship began with a strong foundation and lots of passion that weakened over time.  Or possibly you are beginning to realize your relationship has always been more of a struggle than you feel it should be. that weakened over time. If you feel stuck and no longer willing to continue a relationship the way it is, then relationship counseling can be a place to get your relationship back on track. 

Couples Seek Therapy For a Number of Reasons

Feeling Emotionally Isolated

There are many reasons why our emotional connections become distant over time.  Increasing responsibilities, stresses in the workplace and the added stress of having children can lead to feelings of distance and emotional separation in couples that once a strong connection.  Often this is caused by changes in family dynamics, lack of stress management and even changes in financial status.  When partners are willing, it is possible to separate the relationship from outside pressures once again be each other's emotional support.

Chronic Illness

Being sick can change the dynamics in a relationship and family.  Sometimes this also leads to additional unexpected pressure from a partner to become a financial provider and caregiver.  Chronic illness patients also live with feelings of guilt or that they are no longer desirable or "good enough" to be in relationships. Those with chronic illness describe feeling "damaged" and "undeserving" of relationships.  Living with a diagnosis is a dramatic lifestyle change that may need additional support in order to rekindle relationships post diagnosis. 

Sexual Or Intimacy Problems

Some couples find themselves years after commitment in a sexless relationship.  There could be a number of factors that lead to a sexless relationship including having children, changes in work schedules, illness or changes in sex drive. Whatever the cause, when one or both partners are not satisfied with the level of intimacy in relationships, the relationship can feel increasingly lonely. 

A Betrayal or Affair

Some couples come into counseling due to the crisis of a betrayal or affair. At this point, you may have decided you want help. You want to save your relationship. If you don’t so something soon, you may fear that you are headed towards separation or divorce.

Couples Counseling Can Help You Reclaim and Rebuild Your Relationship

Through couples counseling you and your partner can regain a sense of love, connection, and confidence. Ruschelle Khanna can assist in help you to listen and understand one another beginning in the therapy office and extending back into your daily lives.

In Couples Counseling you will learn how to nurture and sustain a healthy relationship so that you can continue to grow together.

Couples/Marriage Counseling Can Help You Reclaim a Healthy Sex Life and Improve Intimacy

During couples counseling, Ruschelle will help you understand each other's needs. Sessions will focus on eliminating the hurtful ways you and your partner relate in order to make room for connection again, increase loving behaviors and improve your communication.

You Might Still Have Questions About Couples Counseling

What If My partner and I aren't Very good at sharing Feelings?

That's ok.  In sessions we will always start where both of you feel comfortable.  Part of coming to therapy is learning how to express feelings and also to learn how your partner communicates their feelings as well.  The goal is to feel heard and respected.  Therapy is a great place to slow down conversations and practice new ways of communicating that encourage connection and diminish conflict. 

My partner had An Affair. Is it worth it to come to therapy?

The short answer is yes. Many relationships heal from infidelity.  The key is to have two willing partners.  It may take time to work through and heal from feelings of betrayal anger and mistrust, but healing is possible.  




Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Relationship? 

Ruschelle offers weekly couples counseling as well as weekend intensives in New York State.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or to discuss any questions you may have regarding couples therapy, I am available at 347.994.9301.


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