We approach mental health through evidence-based and creative therapies, problem solving & collaboration.
— Ruschelle

We are happy to work with you to understand your insurance. 

In some cases we can file insurance on your behalf. Common insurances we work with include United Healthcare, Aetna and Cigna.

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About Ruschelle Khanna

Feeling normal after trauma or life challenges can be difficult. The good news is, with small changes in mindset and a commitment to improving relationships, you can be back in the swing of things in no time. In our sessions, you will learn to live beyond the fog of depression and anxiety, self esteem issues or chronic disease. I'm here to help you set big goals and get noticeable results in your overall wellbeing.

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Do You Want To....

Develop Meaningful Connections


Many of us go through periods of intense loneliness due to life challenges.  Sometimes we have to become guarded and cut off in order to protect ourselves from abuse. The process of healing begins by taking a look at how we relate to ourselves and others.  Therapy can help you start to explore barriers and grow genuine, loving relationships.



Take A Natural Approach


While medication has it's place in improving mood, it's isn't a cure all for everything,  In fact, there is mounting evidence that says there are so many other things that work better.  Things like talk therapy, somatic therapies and energetic types of healing can be extremely beneficial when medication has failed. 



Be Understood


All of us want to be understood.  Sometimes it takes talking to someone who can relate and has "been there" for us to really feel supported.  All of the conditions we treat are things we have either personally experienced or have worked with for many years.  If we feel we can't support you in the way you need, we have a caring network of providers for which to refer.