Therapy with Ruschelle Khanna in midtown Manhattan will help you see your circumstances in a broader, more compassionate way.
The Appalachian Mountains and the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia where I grew up. 

The Appalachian Mountains and the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia where I grew up. 

Thor the Therapy Dog (In Training)

Thor the Therapy Dog (In Training)

Meet Ruschelle Khanna!

Hello and Thank You for stopping by.  I am committed to you and your wellbeing and am happy to help you find relief from the challenges of emotional and physical pain. 

Getting back into life after trauma or life challenges can be difficult. The good news is, often with small shifts in mindset and a commitment to improving relationships, you can be back in the swing of things in no time. In our sessions, you will learn to live beyond the fog of depression and anxiety, self esteem issues or chronic disease. If you are ready to make a big shift in your life, you've come to the right place.  

About Me

Having suffered from chronic illness for many years, I know first hand the frustration of trying to find medical answers to Lyme and co-infections. 

Often, clients will tell me that no one understands what it is like to have the bizarre symptoms associated with Lyme and co-infections. I understand these symptoms including brain fog, memory loss, inability to read, anger, rage, and even thoughts of suicide.

Severe illness changed my life and the way I practice therapy.  Disabling pain opened me up to a world I never knew possible.  Lyme was a vehicle for the physical and spiritual healing that I was so desperate for in my early twenties. This is my intention for you. 

My Education and Experience

I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and have over ten years experience managing outpatient mental health around New York City.  My experience as a community based mental health clinician allows me to combine down-to earth problem solving skills with therapeutic healing modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy and tapping. 

I have over 15 years experience as a psychotherapist in New York, Connecticut and West Virginia.  I am a graduate of Columbia University and have a diverse background ranging from private family psychotherapist in Greenwich Connecticut to Director of Outpatient Mental Health in Manhattan and the Bronx. 

Post graduate education includes extensive training in the treatment of bipolar disorder, suicide prevention and anxiety disorders.  I am trained in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), Hypnotherapy and Movement Therapy. I have enjoyed teaching and supervising Master's level clinicians through New York University's Social Work Program and have developed curriculum for substance abuse treatment facilities throughout the five boroughs.

My most interesting position was the first I held out of graduate school, a grief and wellness counselor for the Animal Medical Center. There I worked under human-animal behavior specialist, Dr Susan Cohen. 

I enjoy working with individuals, couples and families to lead happier more fulfilling lives.  For me, therapy sessions are interactive, insightful, creative and an opportunity to experience flow. I incorporate a background in dance, mindfulness practices, dream analysis and my own recovery from neuropsychiatric Lyme disease into sessions when appropriate.  

Clinical Team


Amanda Polster, LMSW

Trauma Specialist 

Family, Child & Adolescent Clinician

Creative and artistic forms of expression have always been a passion of mine.  As an advocate for social justice, I have always felt that the arts, including art therapy are helpful ways for clients to express themselves and work through personal and environmental distress, including trauma. 

My trainings in trauma informed practices, narrative therapy, ecological systems theory and motivational interviewing have helped me work with clients to manage stress and prevent continued trauma in daily life. 

In my work with children and adolescents, I combine art and play therapy techniques to enhance non-verbal and creative communication styles. I provide individual, family and group sessions grounded in a deep understanding of substance use treatment, mental health, social justice and mediation. My goal as a clinician is to utilize my knowledge and training in family therapy as a foundation for supporting clients of all ages.