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Is Privacy A Concern?

Are Privacy Concerns Keeping You From Seeking Professional Help?
Discreet Low Profile Counseling Services Are All About Preeminent Privacy.

If worries about privacy have kept you from seeking counseling, you may want the extra layer anonymity that Lasting Change Counseling services provides. Often high profile individuals are subject to particular kinds of stressors inherent in their position and are often more reluctant to seek help due to social stigma.
Factors that increase vulnerability to the stigma of seeking professional  counseling:

  • high level of status and visibility in the community

  •  easily recognizable

  • professional role as leader, especially in the fields medicine and mental health

  • social standing or celebrity status

  • level of responsibility and influence in the community

Discrete Low-Profile Counseling  (DLPC) services are designed to ensure that you receive the benefits of working with a highly qualified therapist while protecting your privacy with the utmost discretion.  I began providing DLPC services based on the needs of my clients who are therapists, business owners, executives, and professional service providers.

I strictly adhere to all state and federal laws regarding patient confidentiality for ALL of my services because trust and confidentiality are the cornerstones for my work with all clients. However, DLPC offers these additional privacy measures:

  • Private waiting area

  • Private/separate records – no one, except your therapist, has access to your counseling records. Your records will not be available to any administrative staff, insurance company, auditors or billing service.

  • No diagnosis or medical record of psychotherapy will be a part of your medical record because insurance companies are not be billed.

  • Early hour appointments

  • No overlapping appointments

  • Tele-mental health counseling and consulting in the privacy of your home or office

Over the past 25 years I have worked with many clients providing preemininent therapy services to high profile individuals. Please ask for DLPC  services when making your first appointment

Get the Support You Need, When You Need It

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Ruschelle Khanna has worked in Manhattan and Greenwich, Connecticut for over 20 years as a therapist and consultant to high-profile clients including professional athletes, hedge fund executives, political figures and celebrities. Ruschelle believes relationships are the most important thing and emphasizes this in her work with clients at all levels.

Ruschelle helps individuals navigate any challenges they might face. Ruschelle focuses on the use of one’s personal energy to find and maintain flow states. With over 25 years as a yoga and meditation practitioner, Ruschelle incorporates elements of eastern philiosphy, yoga, mindfulness and energy psychology into her practice to help high achieving individuals preserve and harness their energy as well as maintain flow states for peak performance.

Due to the nature of her clients’ busy and changing schedules, Ruschelle keeps her practice small and exclusive to have more flexibility to meet her clients’ needs.



Telepsych Session:
20 min = $150
50 min = $300

In-Office Session:
(all sessions are 50 minutes in duration)
$300 per Individual Session
$375 per Couples/Family Session

Concierge/In-home Session:*
(all sessions are 50 minutes in duration)
$475 for Individual Concierge Visits
$525 for Couples or Family Concierge Visits

(Includes 30 minute Commute)
Weekend/Evening Appointments: Additional $50

Intake session consists of two 50-minute sessions.

VIP Concierge Plans:*
Ruschelle’s VIP Concierge Plans allow you to have 24 hour access to her unique suite of services in a variety of settings and modalities, including: road trip and travel options, complete hospital and surgery companion service, self-actualization sessions, workplace adjustment and performance-optimization services, interpersonal functioning analysis, executive coaching, amateur and professional athletic lifestyle adjustment, and family enrichment support services.

In-Office and Teletherapy Rates
$1,500 per month - up to 4 hours of VIP Concierge services per month
$3,230 per month - up to 8 hours of VIP Concierge services per month
$4,845 per month - up to 12 hours of VIP Concierge services per month

In-Home or Traveling Rates
$9,690 per month - up to 24 hours of VIP Concierge services per month
$20,995 per month - up to 48 hours of VIP Concierge services per month

Concierge packages include unlimited email correspondence with a window of response being 24 hours per email.

1-3-6 month contracts available. Contact Ruschelle to discuss a customized plan that suits the special needs of your schedule.